Embryolisse Laboratories

The Embryolisse Laboratories brand began its development in 1950, when a dermatologist from a Paris hospital wanted to release his own cosmetic product for his patients. Specializing in skin diseases, the doctor creates a revolutionary cream milk concentrate Lait Crème Concentre. Since then, the famous LCC cream has been in great demand and popularity for 70 years around the world. The concentrate became an innovative product, defining the development of the Embryolisse dermacosmetic brand. Impeccable appearance and effective skin care every day to preserve and prolong its youth, beauty and health. The result of many years of work by leading cosmetologists and pharmacists of the company, a careful selection of ingredients, production control at each stage. Active formulas using oils, vitamins and fatty acids in the compositions are aimed at restoring the skin and preventing its early withering. Such components as collagen and hyaluronic acid, in combination with natural extracts of herbs and plants, give a tangible effect of skin renewal at all levels, nourishing and strengthening the epidermis.