Margy's Monte Carlo

Margy's Monte Carlo is an international brand of face and body care products that meet the needs and desires of women of all ages with different skin types. Margy's cosmetics reconstruct and strengthen the skin, promoting natural collagen formation and skin rejuvenation. Using new, specially developed products, the Margy's brand has become a leader in the field of biomimetic cosmetology. Biomimetic components are identical or compatible with the composition of our skin. It can be both organic substances and those cultivated in laboratory conditions. Margy's products contain collagen, vitamins A and E, algae and plant extracts, natural oils. The large number of anti-aging ingredients in product formulas is not the only plus of Margy's Monte Carlo cosmetics. It should be noted that the presence of substances from the groups of parabens, mineral oils, raw materials of animal origin is absolutely excluded in the products.