On October 17, 2020, ELLE ACTIVE FORUM took place - an international forum for inspiration of young ambitious girls who strive and want to be successful both in work and in the family.



Within the ELLE ACTIVE FORUM, StarBeauty presented its brands for face and hair care: SACHAJUAN, Embryolisse, theBalm.



SACHAJUAN products make it possible to work with hair without spending a lot of time and effort, but at the same time getting an excellent result. The goal was to create a product that would facilitate the most time-consuming work processes. All Sachajuan products are based on the "Sea Silk" technology. Its uniqueness lies in the use of extracts of various algae: they provide deep hydration to the skin and give shine and shine to the hair, restoring its natural beauty.

Embryolisse Laboratories is a certified manufacturer of cosmeceuticals for face and body skin care, a recognized headliner in the line of health care products. The Embryolisse Laboratories brand began its development in 1950, when a dermatologist from a Paris hospital wanted to launch his own cosmetic product for his patients. Specializing in skin conditions, the doctor creates the revolutionary Lait Crème Concentre. Since then, the famous LCC cream has been in great demand and popularity for 70 years around the world. Flawless appearance and effective skin care every day to maintain and prolong its youth, beauty and health.

The concept of theBalm cosmetic brand is the ease of use of products and the versatility of products. Any product of theBalm brand can be admired as an interesting comic strip, which contains a special story of the relationship between a woman and a man. And this is just one example, because each product is unique in its own way. TheBalm cosmetic products are not tested on animals and do not contain parabens!